Rethinking Recovery? Inequality before and after the crisis

The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute has today published a blog by PAGE’s Alex Nunn:

Inter-generational and gender-based inequality: before and after the crisis

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 09.37.07

The new Conservative government is persisting with billions of pounds of cuts despite rising evidence of poverty and inequality, particularly for young people, children and women. These cuts will only serve to reinforce generational and gender-based inequality.

Just over a week ago on 20 June tens of thousands of people marched in London against further austerity.  Undeterred, on the following day George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith pledged to press on with welfare cuts, including further reductions of the so-called ‘benefit cap’ and in-work benefits for the lowest paid.  On the next day the Prime Minister set out  his case for the plans for £12bn of further benefits cuts, again highlighting in-work benefits and suggesting that his policies would increase opportunity and help to raise wages.  In a remarkable feat of doublespeak David Cameron presented this as part of a ‘one nation’ strategy.

Read the rest here.


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